Back again!!!

I'm back after hibernating for two weeks or so...so many things happened. We all got the flu, my hubby broke his arm, my computer got screwed up, started going back to school again after my practicum (will be done on the 17th of December...can't wait!!!), gave my first card making course (which was sooo much fun!!!), went through a snowstorm and God, it's so snowy white outside it's sooo beautiful!!! The day I had the card making course on the other side of the city, the roads were so slippery that a trip like that on a normal day would only take me about an hour but that day, it took me nearly 21/2 hours to get there because of the snow. But as said, it turned out to be a really fun day! Mercy gave me a nice trendy haircut afterward and she even plucked my eyebrows. I regretted doing the later cause honest to God, it was so painful! My brows never bothered me before & I never had a plucking moment ever, but since my hairstylist friend pointed out to me that my eyebrows were "crooked" I gave in to her plucking!..BUT now, crooked eyebrows or not, I'm not ever going through that plucking thing again!!! Anyway, the highlight of my day today was...I got to change the cars' tires to winter ones. It wasn't as hard as I thought it to be and it went pretty quick too. I think it's great to know how to do it since you'll never know when the need to desperately change a tire or two arises...have a good night, all!