2004 Highlights

2004 was an intensive year for me. I learned a lot of new things, did a lot, travelled, met friends & relatives whom I haven't seen in years, made new friends, heard from long lost friends and many more. But the best thing that ever happened was I was able to finish the very difficult 2 year relational databases course I took. It was a very tough, intensive course that I almost gave up halfway through it. But I'm so glad I didn't. Because not only did I learn a lot of new, cool things but I also found out that no matter how tough things seem to be, I could handle it. HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

2004 highs
- turning 32
- getting our first sailboat
- finished university RDB course
- visiting family in SF
- travelling with friends in one cramped van
with 2 fighting kids all the way to San Diego
and back to SF!!! (t'was FUN though!)
- winning a huge cropping bag full of scrapbooking goodies
at an expo in SD!
- meeting extended family for the first time both mine in the US
& Stefan's family here in Sweden
- getting to see Miss Liberty in NY
- visiting friends in NJ
- having fun with my great girlfriends in Belgium
- my first card-making course