Today's lows...(and a high!)

I just miss everybody. I miss my friends & family in Cebu, my grandma & tita in San Francisco, Ellen in Michigan, my cousins in Bahrain, my friends in Belgium...I just feel like bawling (waaaah!! why does everyone have to be so far away????)...it must be the weather. The weather has been soooo depressing lately. It's too warm to be winter and it's too early to be spring. It's too grey and it kinda makes you feel sorry for yourself and everything else. But one thing made me real happy today. While I was undressing our Christmas tree and feeling so sorry for it since we had such a beautiful tree this year, I felt like someone was watching me. So, I glanced out the window and there they were, a family of pheasants. A mom, a dad and about 8 of their little ones so huddled together. It was such a sight!! It was the dad pheasant who was watching me intensively, maybe out of curiousity or just to protect his family if I happen to want them for dinner. But I guess he knew I can't even hurt a fly because they stayed for about an hour and just strutted their beautiful feathers and kept on picking and nipping the bird food I laid out for them. Such a wonder to see them and just the thought of them feeling safe at my territory made me feel so happy & privileged!!