A new thing

We were at Grisslinge Beach today for Robert's first powerboat training (courtesy of the Swedish Racing Club). The day started with a rundown on all the rules at sea & on boats. Then the hands-on training, first on a 4 horse powered rubber boat then onto the more faster powerboats. As a mom, I couldn't help but be scared while watching the kids drive a very powerful boat. I had all the morbid thoughts & all the what if's running in my head but anyway, all went very well until we all got wet. The day started sunny but out of nowhere came thunder, hail and rain!!! The club was forced to stop the training much to all the kids' dismay but despite it all, the kids had fun! Eventhough they were not able to race against each which was the highlight of every training, but they all got to drive all the powerboats the club had and had a blast!

A rundown of the days activities

On his own

saving a drowning baseball cap

thumbs up!

Off they go!

It's raining & pouring

Do I have to go very fast???

Robert going fast in the rain

That was fun!