Guessing game

February is a very special month for me & hubby because it's the month we got married and both our birthdays fall on this love month as well. So, if anyone can guess my correct age and the correct number of years we will be celebrating our wedding anniversary, will win a prize of either swedish goodies or a scrapbooking kit (your choice). Wala lang...just for fun lang! :)

Things I'm looking forward to in 2006:

~ Our wedding anniversary on February
~ Trip to SF this January (only 6 more days to go!)
~ Trip to the Philippines this July
~ Getting a Canon SLR camera
~ Hubby's Birthday
~ Rob's Birthday
~ Summer!!
~ Paragliding & Hot air Ballooning!
~ A better & healthier me :)
~ New Challenges
~ A new career (hopefully)
~ A successful business
~ And everyday in between!

* I know that things happen for a reason but I am hopeful that 2006 will be a greater year than 2005. I will take one day at a time, work on the challenges the heavens have for me and just go from there.