Easter fever!

We got creative after Robert announced that their class needs more traveling money for their last field trip this term. They are planning to go to Spain, that is if they can come up with the money ASAP. So now, everybody, even the parents, are chipping in with their time, stuff and their creativeness. One mom baked and sold yummy Lebanese breads and cookies, a dad took down a lot of twigs for the kids to decorate with colored feathers for Easter which they will sell this weekend, another mom made some very nice "phrase" cards, and for our contribution, I and Robert made some Easter gift cards which we hope people at the easter fair will find cute enough for them to want it and buy it all :-)

We used fun colored cardstock and patterned papers and we cut and glued to our hearts content!

more flowers!

some of our finished cards

all packed and ready for the fair!

Have a great weekend everyone!