10 things that made me happy!

Bunny tagged me!

Rules: Post 10 things that recently made you happy then tag 10 people and force them to post this on their blogs.

  1. 18 new books to read
  2. Easter Sunday mass with my family
  3. Snow!
  4. Receiving 3 nice bags from Tita and Mom
  5. Breakfast in bed courtesy of my sweet son (I swear, he makes the best omelettes!)
  6. A week off from work = lazy mornings, long walks and a cleaner house :-)
  7. Our Easter cards (all sold!)
  8. A box of my favorite hopia (moon cakes) from Chinatown in SF
  9. Being able to paint again :-)
  10. Losing 2 kilos! (6 more to go!)

I am tagging: Acey, Chililady, Jo, Ethelbert, Joanne Y., Daphne, Julie, Jennifer, Aric and Ina