Meet the natives

The five men, whose names are Yapa, Joel, JJ, Posen and Albi, come from a small hillside village on Tanna, which is the southern tip of the archipelago that makes up the island nation of Vanuatu. At home, they live in mud huts, wear nothing but penis sheaths made from grass, and while away days conforming to a sort of tropical cliché: tending crops, looking after pigs and sitting contentedly in the shade of the banyan tree.

The film, in the form of a three-part documentary is called Meet the Natives. It will mark a scientific first: for generations, western anthropologists have travelled to faraway lands to live among native tribes and document their way of life. But, until now, anthropology has always been a one-way street; alien cultures have never "gone native" over here. The project was an experiment in what one might call reverse anthropology. And definitely one of the most interesting documentaries I've ever seen. The tribe is all for love, peace and harmony. Material things doesn't exist in their world. When they are troubled, the tribe dances and when they are happy, they dance. I never thought that such people exists or such world exists. I now wish that I can move there, to Tanna, in the island of Vanuatu and have that kind of peace and joy they have.