I met this 9 year old girl a year ago in a restaurant on the resort we stayed at on Bantayan Island in Cebu. She was watching tv then and I tried to converse with her but she just looked at me and gave me a sweet smile. Then the owner of the resort told me her story. She was deaf and mute and passes her time watching tv at the resort while waiting for her mom who worked there. Of course, nosy as I am, asked why she isn't in school like all the other kids are. I was told then that she was refused in a public school because of her handicap. That made me angry. Even more so when everbody around her just accepted her fate. I didn't take it well and it caused me a few sleepless nights just thinking about her 'fate'. What is the future like for an illiterate and handicapped girl? I wondered.

One day, I convinced my hubby to accompany me to another school in a nearby city to ask the principal what her possibilities are of going to school there, after all it was already July and the school year started that June already. She surprised me by telling me that they have a special education class for the deaf and mute and even for the blind. And it was free of costs and she could start right away if she wanted to. Was I happy? no, I was ecstatic and excited for her!

All she needed were a few sets of uniform, shoes, a school bag, school materials like pens, crayons etc. These were simple and inexpensive things she never had the luxury of owning. So I took her shopping and to her happiness, she got to choose all of her stuff. For me, it felt like christmas in July to see her endless smile and feel her happiness. I felt an utmost joy for her and with the help of the resort owner, updated me on her progress at school. And I am proud to let you know today, that indeed, a little bit of kindness goes a long, long way. Sheila, with her handicap, can not only read, write and do sign language, I was also told that she is also ending the school year as a third honor student! I am not only amazed by her but so so truly proud of her! ♥