I'm nuts over baking and when my heart is sad, I bake aplenty!
I find it easier to punch my sorrows on a dough than on anything else :-)

I seriously love bagels! 
And I love putting different toppings on it just for the fun of it..

My son and his friends' gobble favorite, Pain au chocolat.
 They're flaky like croissants but filled with nutella and nuts.

Italian bread sticks are fun and easy to make..
I can make these everyday :-)
and they're great as a gift, too..

and Focaccia bread is a big favorite in my house ♥
It's perfect for stews, tapas, pastas or just as is.

Now they're all carbs delight alright but as the saying goes,
Enjoy life to the fullest! 
And I am trying to do just that