I'm back! Well, sort of...

I've never been so busy in my life! The past weeks had been real hectic!!! Millions to do at work, our friends from Michigan came over and stayed with us, family from the north came to visit us after Michigan friends left, lots of last days of school activities, A rainy Stockholm Marathon, meetings for incoming summer activities and so on! I was really busy and I really missed blogging but it's been wonderful spending quality time with friends and family from afar, having a picnic on a warm sunny day together with Robert's classmates and their parents, cheering for Robert at the mini marathon and watching him dance during their closing ceremonies at school. Here are some pics...

Stockholm Mini Marathon
Stockholm Mini Marathon

That's Robert at the marathon!

I'm so proud of him!!!

With his medal! I'm so proud of him!!!

Friends from afar...


Emily & Robert picking flowers

Emily enjoying the moment

Emily, Robert & Sarah