Summer Fun!

I'd been doing a lot of things with my family hence, my absence from the blogging world. My dear Mommy Rose (my grandma), is here visiting us from SF. One of her biggest dream in life is to visit the Vatican City in Rome and last weekend, we made that dream come true for her. We took her to Rome last weekend and had a grand tour of the city. We visited the Vatican City, saw the great St. Peter's Basilica & Sistine Chapel, took a guided tour around the Colosseum, walked around Fontana di Trevi and sat on the Spanish steps, ate a lot of pasta, pizza and their delicious ice cream. Though it was very hot & humid there plus a million other tourists, the thought that we were there with her made it a very memorable trip. The only bad experience we had there was that Mommy was almost a pickpocket victim twice! Sadly, the pickpocketers were not older than my 10 year old son, Robert. Before we left for Rome, we were warned by family & friends who had been there to be very careful of pickpocketers since it's rampant specially during the summer season. So fortunately, we saw them just in time before they could take anything. They are always around the train station and will be doing their bad work when one is going to board the train. These kids go usually in pairs so when in Rome, be very aware! Here are some pics from our trip there...
Colosseum ColosseumPalatine
P6240039The VaticanThe Vatican
P6260142P6260139Fontana di Trevi
On a Roman streetA Roman streetP6260163
Fontana di TreviP6260141Rome