...is one of the best things in Belgium and my absolute favorite chocolate brand. Best second is Leonidas. Their truffles are the best in the world & I often gorge myself with it everytime I'm in Brussels and how can you not, there is a chocolate store on every street corner selling fresh chocolate truffles, pralines, dark with nuts & well, the selection is endless! It's temptation city for all chocolate lovers like me! Say, if you wanna make me happy, just send me a truffle or two then you'll make my day! (babaw, no?) Anyway, besides their chocolate, I enjoyed yet again the sights I love so much and I had the pleasure of showing off those to my grandmother who also was captivated by the charm of Brussels & Brugge. I'm telling you, she even wants to move there! Robert also had a great time over there. I took him around to places we two used to hang out when hubby was out to work. We visited his favorite place back then which is the aviation museum and we also went around the area where we used to live, our park, our favorite mall, his french school, our favorite bakery & so on. I will never get tired of Belgium, not only do they have the best chocolate in the world & the medieval cities which is a must to see, but I also have my dearest friends there who always welcomes me/us back time & time again!

Grand Place, Brussels

Grand'Place, Brussels

Brugge, Belgium


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~Sars & Tintin for always letting us stay at your very cozy home, for your company, for all your help in dragging my granny along, for cooking us all the delicious food, for being nice & accomodating & for simply being you.

~Susan for the company & for the delicious Croissants you brought over for breakfast (sorry Sars!)

~Tess & Thierry for the wonderful lunch you specially made for us & for also taking the time to drive us to the airport.

You guys are the best!