I've become a Petsitter!

Yup, I am! Right now, I have a beautiful talking Amazon Parrot called Hugo, Charlie the very lively little dog and of course our very own Bunny, at home. Both Hugo & Charlie are our neighbors' pets (they don't know each other!) so it was pretty tough for me when Hugo arrived...our Bunny got so scared that he was like hopping in his cage widely and gave out a soft growl, Hugo did some acrobatic moves & was screeching like a mad woman! I got so scared 'cause I thought both will hop & fly off with their cages!!! I've never taken care of a dog, a parrot & a bunny together ever before & I thought they will welcome each other like old friends & not like kung fu enemies!!! Charlie, the dog, is pretty sweet...I think he was just happy to be here & wanted to say hello to everybody but the other 2 are pretty scared of him. But things have mellowd down now. Bunny is more like himself and Hugo is happy in my craft room, listening to the music. And Charlie? He's watching TV.