I need sunshine!

Click to see moreIt's been awhile since I last blogged. I got sick when I came back from the States then work was a chaos. I still have to fix a million things that I'm way past deadline and desperately needs a lot of HELP! I feel like I'm in a never-ending cold tunnel that sunlight is way too far ahead. (God, it's so cold here! I'm all bundled up yet I'm still freezing!) There has been a lot of drama at work. There is this new lady who works as a head in one of our departments who's causing a lot of discomfort and hate at work! Not only does she kisses a**(es) but she is the kind who wants to be on the center-stage all the time! She only talks about herself and is always showing off! One of the ladies who works under her walked-out (but came back after a lot of promises from our side that the attention-seeking biatch will be better). I don't know. I feel like there's no harmony at work anymore. The biatch is keeping a low profile right now but people are still talking. I don't know. I think she deserves a second chance. We'll see how it ends.
One thing that I'm looking forward to is our wedding anniversary. Hubby is up to something but isn't telling. I'm so excited and it's the only thing that's giving me inspiration right now. I'm trying to bribe Robert to tell me what the big secret is but he's not telling. The little brat is too loyal! By the way, it's on the 23rd so I'll keep you posted!