The surprise!

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This is where hubby took me for our wedding anniversary. He planned and booked the whole trip 2 weeks before and never told me about it. He only told me a few hours before we left and I got so giddy that I didn't know how & what to pack & couldn't sleep the whole night! Imagine, me, an expert in packing light after years of moving from country to country, hotel to hotel, can't pack anything sensible to wear for a whole weekend, that's three sets of clothes and I couldn't...I was THAT excited! and it felt wonderful!!! Robert stayed with his grandparents and off we went on our "honeymoon" to London. It was freaking cold there but we enjoyed it anyway. We took long walks and did touristy things like sightseeing, ride the double-decker buses, visit different shops et al. The angels were on our side 'cause we were able to get tickets to the musicals, Mamma Mia and The Phantom of the Opera and both were fantastic! It was really a very memorable weekend for us, for me especially. I've been to London a few times before but this time, it has made a special place in my heart because not only did I enjoy myself immensely, but because hubby was with me. I came to love and cherish him all the more because he took the effort and took his precious time off from work & everything else just to be with me. That meant so so much and that's gonna sustain me for years and years to come!