The trade fair

This is what I've been up to. I and my partner Carina have been working like crazy the past weeks getting all our posters, calling cards, products, card samples and booth ready for the trade fair last weekend. It was HECTIC! It was a 3-day expo (March 31- April 2) which was well attended by both the public and private sectors since it mostly showcased all the different companies in our booming little city. It was a first for us so it was pretty nerve wracking especially the week prior to it. Even if I was kinda working double shifts everyday with a lot of sleepless nights, it was all so worth it! It was a great experience for us and a really good exposure for our little company. Kudos to the guys (Lelle & Anders) who made it all work and who gave us the chance to join it at the last minute! By the way, what do you think of our sign? As we were fixing final details to our booth, I saw that everybody else had a flashy sign on their booths and we were the only one who didn't have one (flashy or not) so I (na ayaw magpatalbog), at the last minute, made one out of red carton and embossed it for some effect. I think it came out well, don't you think? Inexpensive too!

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