An eye opener

Work, work, and more work is all I do. I feel like 2007 is just passing me by. Today, I actually got an eye-opener from my grandma. I received a very nice and touching birthday card from her. My sweet and loving Mommy. She can be a pain at times but no matter what happens nor how busy she is, she never misses a birthday. She never misses a chance to show that she remembers and that she cares. I and my family always gets a card from her. I, for one can say with shame that I've never been as appreciative of her as she has been of me. Sure I send her cards and all, but not as special as hers. Mine are the bought-from-the-store or hurriedly-made-and-very-late cards (more shame). The heart and the effort she puts into something for us is one of a kind and I'm so ashamed because, I just take her for granted and I haven't returned her love fairly. So, my birthday wish this year is not for me, but for my grandma to have a more blessed and healthy life so I can still enjoy her, her cards, calls and most of all, her love. And I in return, will give her more of my time to show her that I appreciate her and show her more often how I love and treasure her in my life.